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More on impending updates to Nozbe mobile apps

Earlier today Nozbe shared further details on the impending updates to Nozbe for iOS, in addition to announcing the launch of Android v1.1 with “much-improved speed, lots of fixes and support for “rich” comments”. As an iPhone user, I’m keenly awaiting the updates to the iOS app but I have to admit the announcement has […]

Nozbe updates ‘are coming’ in 2012

His note promises: Nozbe Android App : a “new, speedy and very cool Android App” could be launched ” as early as this week ” according to the message Mac and Windows desktop update: Version 1.4 of the desktop is promised “next week “, featuring “Project Templates, printing support, powerful filters and many more updates.” New iOS apps : The message gives no further detail, other than the app(s) will be available ” Mid-December ” New Desktop app: I presume this is a refresh to the browser-based Nozbe application, coming ” right before Christmas .”

Evernote 5 for Mac: First impressions

As consumers I think it’s easy for us to take improvement cycles for granted – “If they want me to continue to pay out they’ll keep improving their product…” – but given the amount of poorly conceived and poorly executed applications I wade through on a daily basis I think it’s appropriate when your “go-to” […]

To Stack, or not to Stack…the Evernote question

One of the things that has surprised me as I’ve started to get to grips with Evernote and read around the subject, is the variety of ways people are using it. The Secret Weapon uses it as a fully fledged GTD app (though I prefer Nozbe for task management), Michael Hyatt has an expansive stack structure whilst Christopher Mayo […]

Hello, Technorati

This is a post to confirm to the Technorati pages I’m truly who I say I am.  If you’re not Technorati, ignore this! SDTVSMFTY2P4

A brief homage to Hazel

Hazel was one of the first automators I invested in for my Mac, and whilst I don’t use it anywhere near as extensively as is possible (see Noodlesoft blog for some ideas) it is a cornerstone of my document processing.  Here are my Hazel rules: Downloads: This is the most complicated set of rules. All my downloaded […]

Getting to grips with Nozbe contexts

Let me be clear: I’m new at this.  I’ve been on the productivity bandwagon for a few weeks now, so I make no claim to guru status.  Yet I’m hoping I can share a few of my initial observations from my experience using Nozbe and can at least share with you one possible approach for […]

The Tools

Like many 30-something blokes my approach to attacking a new project/hobby is simple: Do some reading on the subject, then go out and buy a load of flashy kit that you think will make you instantly great at your newly chosen pastime.  So here’s my newly acquired productivity gizmos: Nozbe: After reading a number of […]

Starting Out

I’m ashamed to admit that there was a time in my life where I took a little self-congratulatory pleasure in telling people that I’d bought David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done”, but that I hadn’t gotten round to finishing it (gosh aren’t I the witty one)… It wasn’t until recently, as I ploughed through yet […]