The Tools

Like many 30-something blokes my approach to attacking a new project/hobby is simple: Do some reading on the subject, then go out and buy a load of flashy kit that you think will make you instantly great at your newly chosen pastime.  So here’s my newly acquired productivity gizmos:

Nozbe: After reading a number of reviews I have selected (for the time being at least) Nozbe as my de facto ‘To Do List’ manager.  It syncs across my Macbook and iPhone and is also available from a web browser if (heaven forbid) I should ever be without them.  I will post more on my experiences with Nozbe in due course.  My initial impressions are that it’s simple, powerful and relatively intuitive.

Evernote: I’ve been using Evernote as a bit of a ‘dumping ground’ for a while but I’ve never really understood how to use it to best effect.  I’m still learning, but as my understanding develops I’m starting to realise just how powerful it’s going to be on my productivity journey.  Again, more on Evernote in future posts.

Doxie Go: This is a new purchase this week, which I’m starting to use to plough through my mountain of paperwork both at home and in the office.  I like a few things about it: Being cordless I can take it to work without needing my personal laptop (work laptop is bolted down so tight I can’t even plug a novelty desk light in there, let alone an actual peripheral) and the wireless functionality (using an eye-fi card) gives me the option of sending documents straight to my phone even when I’m not on a wi-fi network (more on this in future posts).

Finally I’ve re-purchased a copy of Getting Things Done by David Allen – not the dusty old paperback this time, but a Kindle edition.  Time to stop cracking sad water-cooler jokes and start raising my productivity.

So that’s my newly acquired arsenal – my next task is to hone my workflow system – something of a work in progress – to find efficiencies, improvement and shortcuts.

I feel more productive already!


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