Nozbe updates ‘are coming’ in 2012

Michael Silwinski, CEO of Nozbe, issued a message to Nozbe customers yesterday promising some imminent updates to Nozbe for key platforms. His note promises:

  • Nozbe Android App: a “new, speedy and very cool Android App” could be launched “as early as this week” according to the message

  • Mac and Windows desktop update: Version 1.4 of the desktop is promised “next week“, featuring “Project Templates, printing support, powerful filters and many more updates.”
  • New iOS apps: The message gives no further detail, other than the app(s) will be available “Mid-December
  • New Desktop app: I presume this is a refresh to the browser-based Nozbe application, coming “right before Christmas.”

Michael is also launching “10 steps to Ultimate Productivity” video course – ostensibly a “Christmas Gift” presumably also being launched in December.

I will share any further information as soon as I receive it, plus of course reviews of the iOS and Mac updates when they arrive.


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