More on impending updates to Nozbe mobile apps

Earlier today Nozbe shared further details on the impending updates to Nozbe for iOS, in addition to announcing the launch of Android v1.1 with “much-improved speed, lots of fixes and support for “rich” comments”.

As an iPhone user, I’m keenly awaiting the updates to the iOS app but I have to admit the announcement has made me slightly nervous about the direction Nozbe might be taking it.

“our new iPhone app will be very similar to our mobile web app and our Android app”

…”and Our new iPad app and our brand new web app will look a lot like our desktop app for Mac or Windows.”

Nozbe’s aim seems to be to unify the look, feel and functionality of its apps so it feels more like a single app distributed across multiple platforms instead of a web app with mobile variants. This all sounds eminently sensible and I admire Nozbe’s candour in recognising its shortcomings thus far – particularly Michael Silwinski’s admission that he called it wrong initially when he envisaged a future with the web app at the heart of Nozbe, supported by mobile apps.

The question on my lips is: which of the current platforms is going to have the strongest influence on the new look and feel? I rarely use the web app, and have to say that whilst it has a couple of natty features that are lacking in the Mac and iPhone apps (you get more information in the summary, and a greater selection of icons for a start) I find the web experience a lot less satisfying. So I’d be disappointed if the iPhone app lost its intuitive nature in the cause of achieving ‘consistency’.

Suffice to say I’m going to have to wait patiently for the release (due in December) and then see whether unification has moved Nozbe forwards or backwards. I’m certainly encouraged by the commitment to “ship features faster” – which suggests there should be more excitement for 2013 – and the promise that the imminent apps will be “fast, share similar user experience and are all free.”

Fingers crossed these Nozbe updates prove to be Christmas crackers, not turkeys…[groan]

Incidentally, if you are an Android user I would love to hear how about your experiences with the updated App, since I have no intention of defecting from my Apple enclave!

Nozbe iOS screenshot !


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