Monthly Archives: December 2012

‘Thank You’ list supercharged with Evernote

This might seem an obvious step for Evernote aficionados, but it wasn’t until Christmas morning that it occurred to me that Evernote would be the perfect tool to keep on top of ‘who bought what’ as the presents were opened. With two small boys in the house – one old enough to tear through his […]

What’s the point of Pocket?

When I first heard about Pocket, I thought I understood what it was. “It’s an alternative to Evernote,” I thought. But when I looked at what Pocket was offering, I got a little confused. Pocket includes ‘Evernote integration’. So I thought “Pocket must do something that Evernote doesn’t, and vice versa.” Surely you wouldn’t build […]

Why I disagree with Bojan on ‘quitting GTD’

I followed a retweet by @productiveSD to Bojan’s post on Alpha Efficiency regarding quitting GTD and having read it feel compelled to outline why I disagree with almost all of it. GTD is not a perfect system; it’s about a switch in mentality to prioritise what needs to be done. I’ll start with the bit […]

I fell off the wagon, but that’s ok

Two weeks ago I posted about my productivity progress, and reported that things were on the right track. Interestingly (to me at least) I had noted that I wasn’t doing too well at staying focused and true to GTD and paperless principles when the pressure was on. Boy was I right. This last two weeks […]

3 weeks in: is Productivity sticking?

Last month I made the pledge to stop dipping my toe in the productivity & paperless water; to make a committed plunge into the cool comforting depths of an existence free of the shackles of reams of paper; to fully embrace the principles of Getting Things Done and enter a higher plane of productivity… …So […]