I fell off the wagon, but that’s ok

Two weeks ago I posted about my productivity progress, and reported that things were on the right track. Interestingly (to me at least) I had noted that I wasn’t doing too well at staying focused and true to GTD and paperless principles when the pressure was on.


Boy was I right.

This last two weeks has been hectic to say the least from a work and home perspective and I have to be honest and say that the majority of the workflow steps I had put into practice – the ones that were filling me with a warm glow of smug, organised self-satisfaction – have fallen by the wayside during that time.

I haven’t found the time to process my Doxie scans. I haven’t processed my mail in the last two weeks. And my todo list has grown, not shrunk.

But I don’t feel that bad about all this, and here’s why: The basic cornerstones I have put into place survived this tumultuous period; more so than other recent memories. I have still scanned a number of pieces of paperwork; I am still capturing tasks/actions via Nozbe using my phone and I am still using Evernote to capture images/screenshots for later perusal.

In essence, the main effect of my ‘busy period’ has been that my inbox has swelled; the fact that my inbox exists, and more importantly it exists in one single place, is I think testament to a shift in how my productivity holds up under pressure.

Now I’m not saying this is ideal; clearly it would be much better if I were equipped to sail through busy periods, navigating zen-like through the business of the day with all my toolsets and equipment at hand. But I’m human, and I choose to be proud that I didn’t abandon the most basic of organisational principles when the going got tough.

And now Christmas is around the corner, I promise I’ll use the impending downtime to get back on top of my inbox and 2013 will the year I take significant further steps down the road to productivity nirvana.


What do you think?

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