What’s the point of Pocket?


When I first heard about Pocket, I thought I understood what it was. “It’s an alternative to Evernote,” I thought.

But when I looked at what Pocket was offering, I got a little confused. Pocket includes ‘Evernote integration’. So I thought “Pocket must do something that Evernote doesn’t, and vice versa.” Surely you wouldn’t build integration with a competitor into your product?

Why would you save an article to Pocket, only to send it to Evernote? Surely you would use one or the other, but not both?

But after downloading Pocket, and a little light surfing to try and establish how Pocket and Evernote work together, I’m stumped as to why you would want to use both. Why would you save an article to Pocket, only to send it to Evernote? Surely you would use one or the other, but not both?

The only sniff of a guess I can make is that you can use Pocket to capture pages from iOS devices more easily than with Evernote (which requires a bookmarklet). But that doesn’t feel particularly compelling.

Can anyone shed any light on what I’m missing?



  1. I’ve been a long term user of Instapaper, but when Pocket pushed out updated Mac OS app, I’ve decided to give it a go.

    Instapaper has some fine tuned text options like iBooks style pagination, but in order to use the search function, I had to pay monthly 1$ fee, while the app already costs money.

    I don’t mind paying him, but I don’t like paying for something twice, and get less than competition.

  2. I use Evernote as my information repository – anything I need to remember (even temporarily) goes in there; I use Pocket to remember web pages that I want to read but don’t have the time (Pocket used to be called ‘Read Later’, BTW). I know that I could use Evernote for that, too, but it just seems to make more sense to me to have the two applications. When I’m on a bus or waiting for a plane, I find it easier to load up Pocket, go through the items I’ve saved and then delete, forward to Evernote, or Tweet/Buffer them to Social media.

    For me the two applications perform different functions (albeit with a lot of cross-over).

    1. I guess I’m not sold on the idea that Pocket scratches a niche that no other app (ie Evernote) can… And it’s the ‘integration with evernote’ that baffles me the most.

      I guess if you’re not an Evernote premium user then Pocket gives you offline access, but why not just add the page to your reading list in Safari?

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