‘Thank You’ list supercharged with Evernote

This might seem an obvious step for Evernote aficionados, but it wasn’t until Christmas morning that it occurred to me that Evernote would be the perfect tool to keep on top of ‘who bought what’ as the presents were opened.

With two small boys in the house – one old enough to tear through his own presents at high speed – it was always going to be a challenge keeping track of which relatives had given which gifts. Paper has never been terribly successful and what seems like an adequate description in the heat of the moment can often cause head-scratching moments at a later date (“which ‘Jumper’ did Aunty Mabel buy?”)

So this year we went digital. I created two new notebooks, entitled “[child’s] Christmas Presents 2012”. We then created a little pile of presents from each relative, took a quick picture with Evernote and added the relative’s name as the title of the post.

EN_SS_26_12_12.jpg Fullscreen_26_12_2012_15_43.jpeg

I now have an easily accessible list that shows not only who bought what, but I can also remind myself what the present looked like (which colouring book, which jumper etc) as memory fades over the next few weeks.

You may not think this is impressive, but I’m feeling suitably smug!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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