Using Hazel to kick start your Doxie workflow


Last year I made a personal commitment to achieve a step change in my personal productivity and to make a serious effort to go as paperless as possible.

To support this goal I bought a Doxie Go scanner to enable me to start processing my seemingly endless influx of paper in a way that was a bit more convenient than my previous efforts using my iPhone camera and Evernote. (N.B. I considered the Fujitsu ScanSnap* but the ability to scan without being plugged in to my laptop was a clincher for the Doxie).

Reviews for the Go (unanimously positive, if you’re wondering) are ten a penny so I opted to share my thoughts on the supplied software, which can be summarised as “pretty great, but there are still some things they could look at to make it mind-blowing.”

I also bought an Eye-Fi 8GB Wireless SD Card* , which will send all your scanned images to your laptop (or mobile device) automatically once you’ve configured it correctly. My experience is that this is pretty awesome for sending to the Doxie Software on your laptop; it sucks enormously if you try and send it to your iPhone using the Eye-Fi app. I intend to cover this in a more detailed post in the future.

“the prospect of adding yet another taskbar application to suck a little extra memory from my Macbook makes me shudder.”

Having the Eye-Fi beam your scans directly to the laptop, thus saving you the effort of reaching into a desk/bag and plugging in a USB cable (or transferring the SD card from scanner to laptop) is clearly an exercise in basic laziness. It follows pretty logically therefore that I would look for other opportunities to expend the absolute minimum of effort in my scanning workflow, and I found one in Hazel that I’d like to share.

The Doxie software doesn’t have a ‘monitoring’ system that springs to life when it detects a scanned image. Nor do I think it should – the prospect of adding yet another taskbar application to suck a little extra memory from my Macbook makes me shudder. However, with the Eye-Fi configured to suck images directly from your Doxie and put them into a pre-specified folder, it is the work of a moment to put Hazel to good use to fire up Doxie when it detects the Eye-Fi doing its stuff (if you don’t have Hazel, buy it now; it’s a total no-brainer).


The AppleScript looks like this:

tell application “Doxie”


end tell

What this essentially boils down to is a single Hazel rule that fires up the Doxie app whenever it detects an image in the Eye-Fi folder. Because Doxie automatically scans any images in that folder when it’s opened what this gives you is the following sequence:

  • You scan a document into your Doxie Go
  • The Eye-Fi card transmits the scan wirelessly to your laptop
  • Hazel detects a new image in the folder and starts Doxie
  • Doxie detects the image and imports it to the main screen
  • You turn from your scanner to your laptop to find the image open in Doxie and ready to go.

Is this life changing? No. Hugely labour-saving? No. But for me it’s just one of those little conveniences that makes it easier to commit to my new productive lifestyle.

Do you have any little tips that make life ever-so-slightly easier? I’d love to hear them.

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