Brain Cutlery in January and what you can expect this month

I don’t write a lot of ‘blogging about blogging’ posts as there are many people out there doing it much more articulately than me…but the end of the month is a good opportunity to reflect on the journey I started a few months ago.

I hummed and harred about publishing the ‘inner workings’ of Brain Cutlery (it’s a very personal thing) but I finally decided that it would be best to lay it all out on the table in the hope that it will stimulate feedback to help me understand my readers better and give you insight into what you can expect from me in the future.

brain cutlery productivity summary

It’s been a good month

It’s only month 2 for the blog, so the numbers you see aren’t earth-shattering but it represents a step change in volumes and I think it’s a promising indication of future potential.

The sharp increase in visitors and views is great but I’m most excited about the uptake in followers. These are the people who have heard what I have to say and chosen to sign up for more.

My focus will continue to be on what I consider “core” topics of productivity, paperless workflow and GTD, interspersed with the odd random tangent (such as the Google privacy debate on Alpha Efficiency that I couldn’t help but get drawn into).

Sketchnoting has sparked some interest

In early January a Mike Vardy post got me curious about sketchnoting as a productivity tool; I’ve always been a visual person but had never considered using it in the wider workplace.

It seems clear from the stats that it’s something that interests my readers too, with a sharp uptake in views and follows after my first sketchnote post in mid-Jan. Watch this space for a more detailed account of how I’m using the technique.

Focus on relationships

I am keen to drive up traffic to the blog, but I believe that there are two main principles to stick to:

  • Focus on the relationships. I’ve been actively looking for like-minded bloggers with whom I can exchange views and opinions. The focus is not on driving visitors, but on developing networks and relationships that will result in better-informed posts, more diverse content and a more engaged reader base.
  • Focus on content. I’m committed to driving out high-quality content that stays true to the reasons I first started this blog. Equally I’m looking to find examples of quality information and insight in the wider world and share it only if its aligned to these values.

I believe doing this will result in a rich repository of content that people interested in productivity, paperless and GTD will value.

What’s coming up

I have a few “mini projects” in mind for February; not all of them will come to complete fruition this month but they include:

  • More on visual notetaking and sketchnoting
  • A review of the newly-lanched Nozbe iOS app
  • Productivity posts including outsourcing, IFTT, email
  • A guest post on Productive Superdad

I really want your feedback

If you’re reading this then I want to understand why. I want to know what it is about Brain Cutlery that you like and the things you’re less bothered about.

please visit the feedback page and spend 2 minutes sharing your thoughts.

Thanks for being part of Brain Cutlery!


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  1. You are setting yourself on a right path of blogging, and your logo is giving you easy branding. It immediately feels as it is standing out.

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