Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Kryptonite Task: Part II

Last month I wrote about how processing my expenses has become my Kryptonite Task – the one I always seem to get stuck on. I am pleased to report I have finally bust through this particular task and submitted my expenses! I used a combination of tools and techniques: Scanning your receipts as soon as […]

Why we could all use an ‘Aeroplane Mode’

I had the opportunity to visit some family members this weekend and it was great to catch up with them and to let the kids run about. But it was also something of an epiphany as I observed something I’d not spotted before (at least not to this extreme). Since declaring an end to my […]

The 2 Minute Rule changed my life

I was discussing my mailbox processing rules with a member of my team yesterday and she said to me “you’d have to pretty organised to have a system like that. She was surprised when I responded: “But I’m not a very organised person.” Fact is, I’m a mess when left to my own devices and […]

Maintaining Productivity Under Pressure

This has been an intense week or so for me, where I have found the need to maintain my productivity under pressure and to revisit how I have prioritised my goals or ‘areas of focus’. A healthy me is a busy me I’m feeling a lot better (hooray). Consequently this means my ‘Crisis mode‘ task […]