I started Brain Cutlery when I realised my interest in raising my productivity and in revisiting some of the things I’d read about in Getting Things Done had increased from a passing interest into something more focused.

This is my attempt to share my experiences and learnings with others, in the hope that it will be of use and may help me learn more about how people like me use GTD and other productivity tools to improve their lives.

I’m a thirty-something male with a young family (two boys). I like my gadgets and have become something of an Apple fanboy over the years. I’m interested in finding ways of using technology to increase quality of life and reduce irritation of wife (two mutually exclusive goals, in my experience).



  1. Do you have a high-resolution copy of your “My Capture Workflow” diagram?

    I could not read all of the labels on the one you posted to Lifehacker’s article “Do I Really Need to Learn a Productivity Method?”

    1. Hi Allen,

      There’s a better version of the diagram here:


      and also here:

      Let me know if those are still too small and I’ll upload a much larger version tonight.



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