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The Kryptonite Task: Part II

Last month I wrote about how processing my expenses has become my Kryptonite Task – the one I always seem to get stuck on. I am pleased to report I have finally bust through this particular task and submitted my expenses! I used a combination of tools and techniques: Scanning your receipts as soon as […]

Why we could all use an ‘Aeroplane Mode’

I had the opportunity to visit some family members this weekend and it was great to catch up with them and to let the kids run about. But it was also something of an epiphany as I observed something I’d not spotted before (at least not to this extreme). Since declaring an end to my […]

The 2 Minute Rule changed my life

I was discussing my mailbox processing rules with a member of my team yesterday and she said to me “you’d have to pretty organised to have a system like that. She was surprised when I responded: “But I’m not a very organised person.” Fact is, I’m a mess when left to my own devices and […]

Maintaining Productivity Under Pressure

This has been an intense week or so for me, where I have found the need to maintain my productivity under pressure and to revisit how I have prioritised my goals or ‘areas of focus’. A healthy me is a busy me I’m feeling a lot better (hooray). Consequently this means my ‘Crisis mode‘ task […]

What’s worse than a bad meeting? 3 bad meetings…

I’ve been in workshop hell since Tuesday. Still trying to shake off the remnants of whatever bug(s) have been dragging me down all month, the last thing I really wanted to do was pack my overnight bag and spend three consecutive days in all-day workshops. To be fair, the workshops themselves were necessary (a minor […]

My iPhone is “the other woman”

Some time ago I posted the following status update on Facebook: The three things I love most in the world: My wife My children My iPhone (Not necessarily in that order) I thought it was pretty funny at the time, but it proved to be a turning point in my understanding of: The relationship I […]

Why I’m Quitting Facebook

I wasn’t a particularly early adopter of Facebook; I’ve been a member for about five years or so and have fewer than a hundred friends. Even so I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with it, to the point where I’m now ready to pull the plug on my relationship with Facebook. It was great […]

Why structured procrastination is just an excuse

The last few weeks it seems every other article I come across is advocating ‘structured’ or ‘planned’ procrastination, and it’s really starting to bug me. In some instances I think the advice is well-meaning. In others, it just seems to be a case of jumping on a popular bandwagon. In all instances it is wrong. […]

What’s your Kryptonite task?

Over the past few months I’ve been feeling pretty smug about my productivity progress. I’ve managed to: Get my work and personal mailboxes to Zero Develop a ‘Do/Defer/Delegate’ GTD routine using Nozbe Introduce a paperless workflow that has significantly reduced the paper cluttering up the house Automate a number of of my daily workflow steps […]

Nozbe launch updated iOS app

Last year Nozbe announced that they’d be launching a new version of their iOS app, developed in-house (the existing version was developed by Macoscope and launching in December 2012. After some issues with the Apple approvals process the new app finally launched in the App Store on 31st January. I want to share a few […]