These last few weeks haven’t been pleasant. I’ve been ill, Mrs Cutlery has been ill and so have the two boys. A poorly household is not a productive household and it’s been a real challenge making priority calls on a day-to-day basis based on how everyone has been feeling. It strikes me as one of […]

Last week I published a visual summary of my capture workflow that shows how various tools and apps make up the ‘ecosystem’ that exists to help me capture ideas, tasks and other useful information. A few things struck me about the final visual: The apps I have found most useful (Evernote, Nozbe, Pocket) are the […]

Work Less and Get More Done

Mike Vardy recently posted about using a professional editor for blog posts and it got me thinking: Is there value in outsourcing an activity like this in a non-commercial environment? So I thought I’d put it to the test: I gave Jason Rehmus at Sweating Commas the draft of my Write Better Emails article and […]

IF TELEVISION IS TO BE BELIEVED every modern office is kitted out to the max with the latest gadgets and gizmos to allow virtual working: Telepresence, videophones – you name it, the office has it. This might be true if you work in a cutting-edge startup or a bleeding-edge corporate like Google, but if like […]

I find that bullets are good for two things: Drawing your audience’s attention to the key points you want to make Structuring your own thinking and focusing on what’s important Try not to use more than three bullets, or the impact will be lost.

…The required action should already be clear from your subject line, but the body of your email is your opportunity to expand on it: “ It’s important that you speak to Fred today to find out … ” “ Please read this and let me have any feedback by … ” For more complex issues, try and use outcome-based language: “ In three weeks we’ll have delivered a great deal for our customers.

I don’t write a lot of ‘blogging about blogging’ posts as there are many people out there doing it much more articulately than me…but the end of the month is a good opportunity to reflect on the journey I started a few months ago. I hummed and harred about publishing the ‘inner workings’ of Brain […]

Tagging is HARD. Ever since I really started to get to grips with Evernote and use it properly I’ve been conscious that I still haven’t really nailed tagging. I have however made a number of false starts which, now that I’ve fixed them, I thought I’d share. “I still haven’t really nailed tagging. I have […]

When I came back to work after the christmas break my inbox had 850 emails in it. Some of these had already been read; several hundred hadn’t. One thing was clear: I had no idea how to process and prioritise this jumbled mess of email. “One thing was clear: I had no idea how to […]

I’d like to share a recent rejection experience with you, and why it has been the best thing to happen to my career in the last six months. I’ll spare you the detail, but I decided to apply for a role that I was pretty sure I was under-qualified for. Although I like to think […]